Remember This Guy? Chef Boy-Ar-Dee

047_ATT304848 (1)As a kid, I assumed this handsome Italian chef guy made all the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee brand spaghetti personally. I visualized him stirring a huge vat of it in a factory somewhere around Gary, Indiana, the factory capital of the US. But even as a four-year-old, I knew Chef Boy-Ar-Dee wasn’t great spaghetti.

Regardless, I learned one very important thing from Chef B-A-D: the taste difference between “canned” food and fresh. Unfortunately, Mom – head chef in our house – preferred canned spaghetti (and peas, corn, beans, Spam, potted meats, etc.) Tin-encased foods represented one less meal she had to prepare from scratch over a hot stove. (Mom took this to the hilt in retaliation for too many other housewife responsibilities. Read more about it in the introduction to Chapter Three, “Revenge,” from my memoir, Maybe Boomer.)

Actually, the Chef Bor-Ar-Dee people are still around, but have a new guy modeling as Chef. I’ve gone to a health food diet in my adult years and kind of miss the old Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, even his Beefaroni and Spaghetti & Meatballs. Do you? Or do you still (secretly) crank out the can opener for an occasional comfort food hit?


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2 responses to “Remember This Guy? Chef Boy-Ar-Dee

  1. Oh yes I remember Chef Boy-Ar-Dee. I lived on Spaghettios for much of my young childhood. There’s a photo in my mom’s archives of me at the highchair with a ring of canned sauce around my mouth.

    Now I’m more of a Ragu, Old World Style kinda gal.

    • For me- it was the beef ravioli! I cherish the memory of eating that delicious sweet sauce and pasta on the back porch of our house while my family was inside eating fried fish, to which I was allergic. Even the smell of cooking fish was toxic to me. So, good old Chef-Boy RD helped to make me feel special. I do buy a can once in awhile and it still makes feel the same.

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