15 Foundations

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Mom, Tabby and me at age 3


In 2012, having lost another job – but secretly loving the newfound freedom – Mike takes a vacation to visit his childhood neighborhoods. He feels like he never left these magical places, and discovers why.   

The opening to “Foundations:”

I no longer feel grounded. The greenhouse I’ve worked in for the past three years has just closed its doors forever. No more job, no tending all those flowers. She loves me, she loves me not.

Flying on an MD 80 to Washington DC, I ponder my predicament. Losing the job hurts because I actually liked it. Within it, I’d managed to live by all my new personal rules for employment for three entire years, including working well with my boss and keeping my stress level low. I even put my aptitudes to use, implementing hand dexterity and using color discrimination and artistic judgment daily. Even though my dazzling auditory pitch discrimination and auditory tonal memory skills weren’t utilized, I was allowed to hum a lot while sweeping the greenhouse and watering plants. Where else could I find a job that allowed me to whistle “Dixie” and pick daisies at the same time, not to mention keep my irritability and rage contained?

I get off the plane and head to Doug’s place in Arlington, Virginia, for the first of an eight-day vacation to forget about my troubles. It feels good to be here again. The sweltering September humidity. The traffic jams. Poison ivy. Ticks. All that aside, this is where I need to be.

Over the weekend, Doug and I get together with Don for a Washington Nationals game in DC and then a day strolling Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania. I’m beginning to loosen up. In fact, I harbor secret thoughts from Don and Doug about how I like not having a job, how I cherish time to wander aimlessly.


Note:  I am currently seeking representation for my book. Please see my contacts page for how to get hold of me.

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