9 Artistry

CH 9  Artistry sq MAUREEN

Portrait of Maureen. Pastel on paper


Mike’s artistic bent leads him to experiences in a garage band, an ad agency and film school, but all prove too left-brained for him. Is he really an artist? If not, where else can he fit in?

The opening to “Artistry:”

I presented my big surprise to the entire family and visiting relatives during the 1996 Easter dinner celebration at my stepmother’s house in Virginia. I tapped the tip of my wine glass with a spoon to corral the group’s attention.

“Throughout all the years you’ve known me, maybe you didn’t realize I’m kind of a closet film lover. There are so many great films out there, many of my favorites I’ve shared with you at one time or another.” The looks on some people’s faces went dull, their lips moving without actually saying the word, Caddyshack. “In fact, it’s been a fantasy of mine to make my own film someday, and I know you’re saying, who does that, right? But I’ve thought a lot about this. Sure, I’m forty-two, I’m a respected school teacher, and things are pretty good, but I’ve made a decision – to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and go to film school.” By the bemused looks on everyone’s faces, they saw the ‘classic midlife crisis dude’ standing right there before them.

“Wow. Santa Fe,” someone uttered. “Film school.”

“You see, I feel my entire life has been leading up to this moment, that the experiences in so many of the arts I’ve studied have been happening to take me in such a direction. I just feel it. And I’m ready.”

“Well, where exactly are you going?” a sympathetic uncle asked.

“I’ve been accepted to the College of Santa Fe’s Moving Image Arts Department for the fall.”

“Santa Fe? Film school? I didn’t know they had one. Congratulations.”

“It’s undergraduate, and one of the finest.”

“Wow. Right. Well, we can’t wait to see how you do. You must be so excited.”

Yes, I was excited. I could hardly wait to get there. 

As it turned out, I should have waited.   


Note:  I am currently seeking representation for my book. Please see my contacts page for how to get hold of me.

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