My Art

ArizBlur cr 48bit 800  dust047When I speak of art, I’m talking about creativity. The spark that ignites imagination. Everyone uses creativity in their own way, from how they paint with oils, manage their career, to scrubbing the tub. Creativity keeps work interesting, and opens up a world of play.

There’s been a persistent, relentless need for me to create. Sometimes, it’s felt like a struggle to invent; other times the sole reason to be alive. In the long run, what my portfolio of creations shows me is a lifetime of imagination, visions, sounds and travels.

After assembling a large and diverse body of work, one thing still remained unsatisfying. As with many artists’ works, my creations weren’t being shown. They were all lying around in a storage shed, the closet, or on dusty shelf somewhere.

Then I thought how much fun it would be to create a website. On it, through the Internet, I could share with people all over the world what I’ve been seeing, saying, and constructing all these years. I invite you  to open up the chapters of my artistic life and sample my film, photography, music and works on paper.

Artists appreciate hearing how their art touches people. Please feel free to write back with comments you have about what grabbed you. Send me some of your creations, too!


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