2WEbCover800documnt 48bit  dust144Of the films I created in film school, my favorite is this four-minute piece titled “Hollywood Express.” Shot on 16mm during spring break in 1998, it’s a documentary on Hollywood culture. The graininess was intentional, as a nod to the film capital’s past (which got out of control with careless film-cleaning technique).

Perhaps what makes “Hollywood Express” most unique is what I captured with a measly twelve minutes of film stock. If nothing else, I should get an Academy Award for most film footage used from the least amount shot (an unheard of 3 to 1 ratio). Not only that, but the camera used was a WWII era Arriflex 16 mm relic I held together with hopes, prayers and medical gauze. It was a trip I’ll never forget.

By the way, I haven’t returned to Hollywood since.

2WEbCover800documnt 48bit  dust143

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