Works on Paper

MeDrwg 48bit 800 color  dust109From the get go, I was marked as “the kid in class who could draw the best.” But I struggled academically, so there seemed no choice but to pursue art in college. Twenty years later, I tried to get a Washington DC gallery to represent my work, but they said I was “all over the place” in subject matter and media. In essence, I didn’t have a theme that was marketable.

But I do have a theme – “all over the place.” I’m a restless experimenter. Perhaps not worthy of a gallery, my works on paper, if nothing else, make an appetizing website menu item.

Click on any image to enlarge. Details about each photograph are at the bottom of the page.


“Taos Pueblo:”  The incredible structures at Taos Pueblo gave me the inspiration to dig into a Cubist-style depiction with this charcoal abstract.

“New Mexico Landscape:”  An even further breakdown of the southwest landscape.

“Fins, Black and White:”  More Cubist-style breakdown, this time of the rock formations I encountered while traveling through Arches National Park in Utah.

“Fins in Color:”  After the “Fins” study was done in black and white, I went to color.

“Ranchos de Taos:”  Basically, a study juxtaposing a timeless native American structure with contemporary, fleeting ones.

“Orchestra at Ground Level:”  My fascination with musicians carried over from individual performers to orchestras. This study was best captured in a limited number or color inks.

“Black Paint Palette:”  Gazing down one day at the various black pigments spread over my paint palette inspired me to create another painting, this ink composition of what the palette looked like.

“Caps-Maple Leafs’ Bench:”  One of my first forays into using markers, capturing a frozen moment in time between the Washington Capitals and Toronto Maple Leafs.

“The Net:”  Moving on to a more photorealistic approach with markers.

“Maureen:”  One of my first satisfying portraits, thanks to a great art teacher, and a special classmate who chose to model in my high school art class.

Photo credit above: Paul Kane

8 responses to “Works on Paper

  1. Mike, these are great!

    You’re approach to art – all over the place – is kind of like my approach to blogging.

  2. Thanks, Walt. They are like my ‘first true love,’ way back when, wow, I mean a really long time ago. And these posted here aren’t the half of them. Took forever just to get these dusted off and on line. You have rekindled thoughts about posting more. Like you, I guess I was born to be all over the place from the start.

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  4. These are fabulous! I think I like the pueblo best. Or maybe the orchestra. Or maybe…hmm. They are all good. Let’s see some more!

    • Nobody seems to check in on the ‘Works on Paper’ tab on my website, so I appreciate your comments about my art. I just perused your site and like it. It is what it is and I wish you well with it. Are you from Maryland, too? (Can’t tell what with ‘Swamp’ and snow images all in one website!)

  5. Hi Michael,

    I met you in the early 80’s at the Bayou through Jeannie M., and more recently we get reacquainted via a few email exchanges. I’m getting back to you because I’m going to see Willie Nile in D.C. tonight. My daughter had him do an “unplugged” show in their home last night, and I asked him if he remembers the artwork you showed him at the Bayou in Georgetown the evening we met.

    He wants to see the artwork. I enjoy the two prints of Bruce Springsteen that I got from you. I’d like the same for Willie, if it gives him any pleasure in having your rendition of his infamous jump. He still rocks, but another, younger, bandmate does the jump now. I’m not interested in a prophet for myself, but it would give me great pleasure to do this for the two of you.

    If you can, please email a photo of the drawing to me. I will either show it to him tonight, or forward it to him with your contact information.

    David I

    • David, How kind of you to think of me and this! I just got back from a long vacation and only today read your WP post. How was the concert? I think fondly back on those rocker days, especially of Willie Nile and his shows. Believe it or not, I still have the rather monumental size – it must be 3 or 4 feet high – marker drawing in color I did of Willie in concert, the one I showed him back stage at the Bayou after a show. I drew it from a photo I took of him jumping in concert. I just moved the drawing from one storage area to another this summer and it has been preserved pretty well. I’m flattered and happy you asked Willie at the private party whether he remembered my artwork. Did he say he did, or just wants to see it now? If you think he’d still be interested, I’d be happy to photograph it. I’m glad you like (and still have!) those Springsteen prints I did. You’ve been a champion of my work, a true rock fan (of quality musicians), and a good person to keep in touch. I hope you write back, even though this response is dated since it’s long after you wrote and that Nile concert. All the best till then – Mike Andberg.

    • David, I’m not sure if my response to you yesterday, Sept 1, was actually sent. If not, would you let me know and I will resend. I have alot to say and wanted to correspond more with you!

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