My Book, Maybe Boomer

Diner2 skinny web cover 1200 res 48 bit color thumb003 close-up for blogI am a person interested in all things 50s, 60s, and 70s. Born smack dab in the middle of the baby boom era, I am the classic, quintessential product of my generation.

Yet, my memoir, Maybe Boomer, is a coming of age tale about not fitting in. It’s been a humbling experience. And writing the book over a five-year span has made me not only more humbled, but wiser.

Maybe Boomer is a collection of linked stories about my ongoing struggle to fit in. Between my repressed childhood and adolescent experiences, followed by mysterious adult illnesses, I’ve felt different and left out from my highly goal-driven, ambitious and successful baby boomer cohort.

Maybe Boomer is a collection of fifteen short story-like chapters by subject – “Competition,” “Religion,” “Girls,” so forth and so on. As much as each subject is examined through my experience, all subjects – often stages of development – are universal and, at the very least, American.

While others benefited from the explosive social and technological expansion of the baby boom generation, I was exasperated by these advancements. Any baby boomer who has lost his path and purpose, and any person who has had to find a way to deal with disease, can relate. This is my story, my continuing struggle, and journey of celebration, too. My natural inclination to find the humor in life’s darkest and most frustrating moments has helped me cope, and brought about this book.

Please click the MAYBE BOOMER tab on the home page and scroll down to get an introduction to each chapter of my memoir. As surely as this is my unique story, we all went through similar experiences and stages at one time or another living the baby boomer life.

One response to “My Book, Maybe Boomer

  1. Hi,

    Are you the Michael Andberg I met at the Celler Door in Georgetown at a Willie Nile concert? I believe it was sometime in the early 80’s
    and I bought a couple of your drawings of Bruce Spingsteen.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    David Zelman

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