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One Key to Life

005There is one key to life I have found essential: Keep it simple, starting with – how appropriate – my key ring.

During the past decade or so, life has served me well by owning just three keys – one for my front door, the car, and the workplace. I like as few keys as possible because most unlock trouble. Those kind of keys are usually given out at work: keys to the back door, the storage area, lockers,  cash registers – things that bring added responsibility, ones that often aren’t even in your job description.

On the other hand, some people, especially men, take pride in the size of their key collection. They strut around, deliberately making their bulging key ring jingle, hoping someone will ask what each key is for and the story behind it. Beware. His first key story will only unlock a litany of others from his treasure chest of tales you’ll desperately wish you had the key to throw away for all time.

It makes me feel good I’ve downsized my key totals. If only I could get rid of all the damned computer passwords I’ve accumulated. Then I will have unlatched another passageway to happier living.


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